R&B singer Summer Walker feels justice starting to come together. The popular crooner went online this week to encourage fans to keep fighting for an end to police brutality and racism.

Summer x BLM

Walker went to Instagram Tuesday to share a heartfelt post about people staying motivated to keep the Black Lives Matter movement flourishing. Summer also used a quote to remind us about the tendency for major topics to lose momentum.

Summer Walker shows her support for BLM

High-Key Details

Over the past few days, Summer Walker has shared similar quotes from people fighting for justice in the BLM movement. Walker has relied on her social media pages to promote equality and global protests.

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Wait, There’s More

On Tuesday, fellow West Coast musician Game went online with big words. The former G-Unit member shared his take on people protesting across the globe and said peace could only come when individuals hold themselves responsible for their own actions.

“I was just thinking about the world and its unrest. Lot of peace, lot of love, lot of hate, lot of violence, lot of protest, lot of looting, lot of racists, lot of places, lot of individual thoughts, a lot of collective thoughts. Too much over governing, too much over policing, too much over thinking, not enough spreading love and care. I think that in the pursuit to happiness, pursuit to peace, pursuit to the change that everyone wants, not everybody but most of us, the pursuit to peace starts with accountability of one’s self. I’m willing to start with myself and holding myself accountable for all my wrongdoings, my indecisive moments that can turn negative and affect other people negative. Negativity.” -Game’s Instagram

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Individual accountability. #FoodForThought

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Before You Go

The rap superstar also said his suggestion might be the only way to create peace globally.

“I think that literally if we all hold ourselves accountable for our own actions, individually, that we will find peace sooner than later. As long as there is people that look different from other people – other races – as long as there is someone that’s tall and someone that’s short, or someone that’s heavyset or someone that’s skinny, someone from this place and someone from another place, there will always be some type of civil dispute or civil unrest. I think the only way to peace, eternally for everyone, is for us to all hold ourselves individually accountable for our own actions. I think that’s really the only way.” -Game’s Instagram