R&B singer Summer Walker wearing a face mask shows she wants zip-zero smoke with the global coronavirus. The “Girls Need Love” hitmaker shared a jaw-dropping look at how she is handling the virus threat.

Big Facts:

On Friday, Walker went to Instagram and shared some hard-core pics of herself at the airport draped from head to toe in protective gear — including what appears to be a homemade black construction bag body cover, a face mask, gloves and… a shower cap.

High-Key Details:

She’s got the right idea but the disposable face mask Summer Walker is wearing is permeable to viruses. The new wave is to skip the disposables and go for higher-quality options with a stylish appeal, like the O2 Curve respiratory face mask we found that comes with customizable “fashion shells in colors like “moonlight black,” “arctic blue” and “northern red” and claims to be the “most reliable Respirator on the market.” The site says the respirators are low in stock so reserve yours now for delivery by March 27th.

Before You Go:

In January 2020, rap star 50 Cent posted photos of what appeared to be Chinese restaurants testing customers for fever before allowing them entry. Another photo showed a waiter dousing the floor of the restaurant with sanitizing spray:

“ok this is serious, what the @#$% is going on.”

In typical 50 Cent style, he later poked fun at the coronavirus scare:

“How tf that virus from china get here before my gucci belts?”

The president caught a little smoke when 50 Cent said he’d forgive Donald Trump’s past discretions if he deported five people who were being monitored for possible coronavirus contagion.

“Forget impeachment send this shit back to China and we don’t remember the other bullshit Trump ok?”

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