Former Death Row Records owner Marion “Suge” Knight‘s ex-girlfriend is reportedly in the process of putting out a new tell-all book which will detail her experience with the music mogul.

According to Knight, he will make sure the book never reaches store shelves.

Suge Knight is coming out swinging against his ex’s new book — telling TMZ, 99% of it is made up … including anything she claims to know about Tupac’s death … and he’s already in the process of making sure the book never sees the light of day. Stormey Ramdhan (who recently told us Suge had nothing to do with Pac’s death) is set to release her new book “My Life With the Knight: The Woman Behind the Most Feared Man in Hip Hop” — but Suge tells us, there’s no “life” to speak of. (TMZ)

The rap executive also insisted Ramdhan has nothing of value to speak on related to him.

Suge says his relationship with Stormey — which produced two children — was short-lived back in the day … and when it comes down to it … she’s got nothing interesting to say about him, in a book or otherwise. He says nearly everything in her new book is a lie … and he’s currently in the process of drafting a cease and desist letter, aimed at blocking its release. (TMZ)

Stormey dished on what people could expect from the book’s release last September.

“This book will delineate the love affair, the life lived and the experiences of Stormey Ramdhan with a man known to us as Suge Knight. It’s a journey of 20 years. From the beginning of it all, sudden wealth, success, and the making of stars. Also it’s a chance to humanize an image. Many people will relate to our story of unconditional love, innocence, lies, betrayal, jail, and ultimately abandonment.” (Stormey The Book)

The celebrity author also suggested the tell-all would delve into her family woes.

“It’s a chance to display what the pressures of Hollywood can do to a family; how losing focus and bad decisions can end it all. This story will let everyone know how the demise can effect the whole family, the people you don’t see, the people no one thinks exist, but the people who have to live with picking up the pieces when it all falls down.” (Stormey The Book)