Former Death Row Records owner Marion “Suge” Knight could have received the break he needed in a publicized fatal hit-and-run case courtesy of a man blaming himself for the death.

According to reports, victim Cle Bone Sloan told cops he was responsible for pal Terry Carter dying at the hands of Knight.

Cle Bone Sloan told LAPD officers the same day he was mowed down by Suge’s truck, “I was in a rage. I f***ed up. I get that ’cause a guy is dead behind this s**t.” Suge claims it was all a set up and Bone as well as others were trying to do him in, and he gunned it to save his life. Suge ran over bone, critically injuring him. Another victim, Terry Carter, died. (TMZ)

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Last month, Suge passed out after being told he would be held on $25 million bail in a publicized hit-and-run case.

Former rap music mogul Marion “Suge” Knight collapsed in a courtroom Friday shortly after a judge ordered him held on $25 million bail in a murder case. Knight’s attorney Matthew Fletcher, said his client, who is diabetic and has a blood clot, told him that he hadn’t received any medication since Thursday. (USA Today)

Recently, Knight’s new attorney spoke out on his hit and run footage reaching the public.

Knight’s new attorney claimed during the discovery hearing that the newly surfaced video will help the 49-year-old’s case. “A hundred percent it proved Suge Knight was attacked,” attorney Matt Fletcher said. (CBS Local)

Gruesome video of Suge’s fatal accident emerged online last month.

Terry Carter‘s family asked that TMZ post the video to show what happened. The family’s lawyer, Gary Dordick, tells TMZ, “The Carter family is pleased you are releasing the video so the public can see what actually occurred and not be forced to speculate based on third party descriptions of the video.” We blurred the portion where Terry is run over … it’s just too gruesome. (TMZ)