Death Row Records founder Suge Knight may be in prison for manslaughter but that doesn’t bar him from other legal troubles. New reports claim a $107 million lawsuit is looming.

Big Facts

According to reports, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David Sotelo has reinstated a multi-million dollar judgement against Knight. The amount is what he owes to early label investor Lydia Harris.

A judge Monday affirmed a $107 million judgment against imprisoned former rap mogul Marion “Suge” Knight and Death Row Records, which was awarded back in 2005. Over the objection of Lydia Harris, the woman who obtained the original judgment and later agreed with Knight that it should be voided, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David Sotelo said he would not reconsider his December decision to reinstate the judgment. “This is a very old case with big names and big numbers,” the judge said. (NBC Los Angeles)

High-Key Details

In late 2019, a judge voided the massive $107 million decision Harris initially received in 2005.

In a shocking turn of events, a judge just voided the massive payout after a woman named Lydia Harris filed a motion in the case citing issues with the legality of how her lawyers actually won the massive case against Suge Knight and Death Row. Harris, along with her husband, helped bankroll Death Row when the West Coast record label was first launching. (Yahoo! News)

Wait, There’s More

In November 2019, rap star 50 Cent showed Knight big love and appreciation. Fif thanked him for saving the careers of rap icons Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and Nate Dogg.

Before You Go

A few weeks prior to that, reports emerged claiming R&B singer Ray J might have landed Knight’s life rights.

Sources close to Knight told TMZ he sold away his life rights to Ray J, allowing the “One Wish” musician to handle Knight’s business decisions while he’s otherwise occupied in prison. Ray J will reportedly be in charge of selecting any possible biopics or biographies about or involving Knight. This means Ray J is in the position to give the go-ahead on any projects involving Knight’s likeness or life story, offering the former music executive the opportunity to bring in some cash. (Complex)