The cover and story synopsis of Styles P‘s upcoming Invincible book have been revealed online.

The story will revolve around protagonist Jake Billings.

Jake Billiings is usually cool under pressure, but when two stick-up kids rob his record store, Jake opens fire on them, landing him in prison. After only five days in, he receives a menacing, anonymous letter telling him to watch his back, that his days are numbered. But before he can find out who’s behind the threats, Jake is stabbed by Frank Butler, a grimy hustler with no known gang affiliations, and ends up in a coma. (57th Ave)

Geared for a June 1st release, Styles recently said his book would feature a climatic ending.

“I never really took the time out to give it a shot, it’s just something I always wanted to do. I got a love for books and reading. Actually, what happened, I was getting on the plane and I forgot my book but I wanted to read so I decided to give it a shot, did a few pages, ended up messing with Random House. Action packed mystery very climactic ending, dramatic, basically that’s it. Just sometimes you got to chase your dreams or they chase you.” (Hip Hop Wired)

Last summer, the rapper said he was aiming for a fall 2009 book release.

“I also got a fiction book coming out,” Styles confirmed in an interview. “A fiction novel called Mr. Invincible. That’ll be in a couple months, so go support that. I’m getting my author up. I just wanted to make sure I’m comfortable and got a few things I could do that I enjoy doing. I’m a creative person and I like creating. So I just wanted another job where I could create and make some money and doing something that I like to do.” (Forbez DVD)

Styles received support from an editing team.

The book, which Styles describes as a “jail mystery,” is the D-Block rapper’s first foray into the literary world. “I got a fiction book called Mr. Invincible coming out Nicki Turner Presents,” Styles revealed to XXL. “It’s just a fiction joint. It’s a little story.” When asked if he had any help putting the work together Styles replied, “They got a little editing team, but all the writing is me, all the idea is me, all the thought is me. (XXL Mag)

Invincible is scheduled to come out Tuesday, June 1st.

Check out a recent Styles P interview down below: