The Lox‘s Styles P recently spoke on the future plans for D-Block, which included searching for a possible female addition to his rap group.

Focused on developing the younger emcees in D-Block, Styles said the aim for big record sales was not as important.

“Things aren’t going to happen overnight,” he said in an interview. “If they don’t get enough then we just have to keep on working harder. But the D-Block fans are embracing them. Are we going to do big, incredible, crazy numbers? No, we’re not…We’re out to get people to know them and we’re out for them to establish a career for longevity. We’re not here to hit a homer right away…I love the team we have. I would love to find a hot young lady that could spit, that would be able to work and fit in with the team. I would love to find that…That would be the only thing we need to draft.” (Hip Hop Game)

Sheek Louch recently spoke on D-Block being beef-free.

“I would love to do a tour with the whole G-Unit,” Sheek said in an interview. “I was at Shady Records the other day and we were saying, it’s all good everybody’s cool now. I ain’t got no problems with nobody in 50’s camp, not one artist over there. None of Dipset, none of Jay-Z‘s people, none of Terror Squad. Real talk, right now we chillin’. Trying to get this bread, lovin’ all the new artists that’s coming out for the most part and we good. I would love to do a big tour. Imagine back then instead of beefing with Hov, we done did it with everybody, you name it. Instead of beefing with Hov, imagine we did a big a** tour with Dipset, us, everybody, the whole camp. It’d be sick, big money.” (This Is 50)

The D-Block compilation disc landed on the charts last week.

D-Block’s No Security debuted on the charts this week and secured No. 40. The group’s new album sold 11,900 records after seven days in stores. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Aside from music, Styles P recently spoke on his forthcoming book, Mr. Invincible.

“I also got a fiction book coming out,” Styles confirmed in an interview. “A fiction novel called Mr. Invincible. That’ll be in a couple months, so go support that. I’m getting my author up. I just wanted to make sure I’m comfortable and got a few things I could do that I enjoy doing. I’m a creative person and I like creating. So I just wanted another job where I could create and make some money and doing something that I like to do.” (Forbez DVD)