The LOX’s Styles P recently updated fans on his feelings toward former D-Block member J-Hood and if there are any hard feelings against the one-time rap foe.

Despite Hood taking shots at L-O-X in the past, the Ghost said he still supports the New York native.

“I love J-Hood. I hope everybody gives him a pass,” Styles wrote in a Reddit feed. “I don’t hold anything against him. it’s hard to go backwards though. I love hood like family but alot of the time you just gotta move forward.” (Reddit)

Last year, group member Jadakiss said Hood’s past issues with D-Block were incomparable to what LOX went through with Bad Boy Records CEO Diddy.

“We did stuff with J-Hood that Diddy would have never did for us,” Jada said in an interview. “With that being said, it’s like a mouthful. Some of the stuff we did for him in his life and his moms, may rest her soul, Diddy probably would have never did. I mean, he never did it so I can’t say he would have never did. Stuff we did for [J-Hood], he never did. We only got mad at him after he disrespected us and crossed the line. He had every right to be angry because he just wanted to come out. He wanted to release his album. As an artist, you’re supposed to be mad if your record doesn’t come out after a certain amount of time.” (“The Combat Jack Show”)

The rapsy rapper also detailed how much of a close-knit bond they shared with Hood.

“[He was signed to us for] a few years, but you know sometimes another thing you have to learn in this game is timing is everything. Alicia Keys put out the same album ten years later or whatever it was and Clive [Davis] saw a vision and it blew. … He was like our little brother — he was really our family. It was internal like that, so, it was a whole different situation. When we were beefing with Diddy, we really didn’t know Diddy like that. We knew him as we go to his office or go to the studio. We was never really in his crib with his moms and all of that.” (“The Combat Jack Show”)

Back in 2009, the former D-Block member reflected on how his issues with them could have been resolved.

“My focus is strictly on making good music and just putting it out and letting the material speak for itself,” Hood said in an interview. “I’m past that point in my life. I’m not holding grudges. What happened happened and it probably wasn’t the best thing that could’ve happened but it happened, and everything happen for a reason. You live and you learn. We probably could’ve handled situations differently but everything’s all said and done and I ain’t crying over no spilled milk. I ain’t got nothing against them dudes, they not enemies or nothing like that. I’m not saying we cool or nothing like that, but good luck to them with anything they doing.” (Champ Magazine)