The LOX’s Styles P has said his group’s long-awaited album will be put on hold until the top of next year.

According to Styles, fans can begin looking out for new LOX remixes now.

“Probably top of the year,” Styles said about a new LOX album. “Top of the year, [but] you can expect to start hearing some stuff from us though. We’ve done a few remixes, probably heard us on the Consequence remix, ‘I’m Ill’ remix, we got about four other remixes, people remixes, I don’t want to say what joints they are, but you know what I mean, so. I ain’t name [my solo album] yet, but it’s gonna be out right after The LOX [project].” (Hip Hop Gossip Site)

Initially speculated to re-join Diddy at Bad Boy Records, Jadakiss recently said multiple offers were on the table for a new LOX project.

“That’s onboard with a few offers,” ‘Kiss said. “It was in the making with Diddy. But after we put out that ‘[Ha Ha] Slow Down’ remix, we got a few more calls in that’s on the table right now. They upped the ante. The ante got upped off a light freestyle. You see the impact? You feel that?” (MTV)

Last March, Styles P also said a Diddy deal had not been finalized.

“Ain’t nobody vocal, we ain’t signed to Puff yet,” Styles told radio host Jenny Boom Boom. “We LOX and even if we was, I think everybody respects us to know we do what we do. It’s still possible, it’s still possible, you know paper work is paper work. It’s like y’all job, it ain’t official until you sign the contract, right? Nobody’s saying it’s ‘not’ a go, but nothing’s a go until the contract is signed and I don’t know what other way to tell you than that. It’s not a go until everything is inked down. Dame Grease is gonna be on it [producing,] we looking to work with all kinds of hot producers.” (“Jenny Boom Boom”)

Producer Dame Grease recently announced his involvement with the new album.

“It’s official, actually, Kiss asked me personally,” Grease revealed in an interview. “This was before they were gonna take it to Puff or wherever because the thing is, just checking statistics like the success that we had with The LOX, we all had together and sold 1.5, 2 million records…That was then, but we put the same formula and into the future music.” (Nod Factor Dot Com)

No further details have been revealed as of now.

Check out Styles P’s interview down below: