[With the summer only heating up, hip-hop artist Jon James talks to SOHH about bringing a new element to the rap game with insane emcee stunts.]

To be honest, I feel like having a stunt background ended up being a really lucky competitive edge that I didn’t plan. Coming into this game, you need something to stand out.

It just happens to be authentically where my background was. I grew up jumping off of sh*t, stunting and being crazy. It’s just part of who I am.

I never planned when I started rapping to be this stunt rapper. I just broke my back and really wanted to pursue music. Next thing you know, I was able to hone my skills and was like, “Oh sh*t, I really have skills, why don’t I use it as a bit of an edge?” Then it sort of fused into this new art form. I feel really blessed how they came together.


It’s like when you’re in the tunnel and you don’t see the light at the end. You’re taking turns but you don’t really know what’s coming. Then all of these little ups and downs and pit stops end up coming together at the end.

Now I’m like, “Holy sh*t, it all makes sense.” This is why I had to go through all that sh*t.

As far as pressure goes, I think any artist has that. Whether you’re doing stunts or you rap, you have to make sure your next one is the hottest sh*t ever. If not your craziest sh*t then your most unique sh*t.

You’ve gotta always be willing to push the boundary from what’s already being done. I’m all for creative innovation whether I’m stunting.

If I’m stunting, I’m trying to do something that no one in the world has ever done.

If I’m doing a track, I’m trying to make my own lane. That’s why I like to do all of the production work in-studio and work with my team.

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