Straight Outta Compton actor Richard Taylor, most famous for portraying music mogul Suge Knight, landed behind bars last weekend. New reports claim the Hollywood stud put his hands on a Florida security guard.

According to reports, the attack went down Sunday (May 14) night at a beach resort.

The actor who portrayed future rap mogul Suge Knight in the movie “Straight Outta Compton” was arrested early Monday after police said he beat up a security guard at a Sunny Isles Beach resort. Richard Marcus Taylor, 40, was charged with misdemeanor battery and is being held at a Miami-Dade jail. (Miami Herald)

Reports suggest Taylor had a bond and Monday (May 15) court appearance scheduled.

Taylor was arrested and charged with battery. He was given a bond of $1,500 and is expected to be in court Monday afternoon. (WPTV News)

The 40-year-old actor has since updated fans on his condition across Instagram.

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The actor is most famous for portraying Suge Knight in 2015’s Straight Outta Compton blockbuster.

“Straight Outta Compton” earned rave reviews as a biographical account of the influential gangsta rap group N.W.A., which rose to fame in the 1980s and early 90s and featured artists Eazy-E, Dr. Dre and Ice Cube. Taylor played Knight, a music executive who co-founded Death Row Records with Dre and several others. The real Knight is currently incarcerated waiting for a trial for a murder charge. (New York Daily News)