Late N.W.A. leader Eazy-E‘s fancy California mansion got foreclosed earlier this year after the rapper’s widow failed to keep up with a mortgage payment dating back to 2011.

Details of the unexpected foreclosure hit the Internet early Monday (October 1).

Straight outta Calabasas … the mansion rapper Eazy-E used to call his “Playhouse” was foreclosed on earlier this year — and TMZ has learned it was all because his widow allegedly stopped making payments on the home. The late rapper’s crib was famous back in the early 90’s for crazy, all-night parties — as well as an open door policy for entourage members and hoards of women. The 6,700 square-foot pad reportedly even had a black room with fluorescent pillows and a neon sign that read “Eazy’s Playhouse.” (TMZ)

Reports claim the fancy mansion got auctioned off for just over $2 million last spring.

When the N.W.A rapper died in 1995, the digs passed to his wife Tomica Wright. But according to official records, which just became available, she fell behind on the mortgage payments in 2011… to the tune of $168,278.78. Unable to come up with the cash … the 5-bedroom, 6-bath house was sold at a foreclosure auction in May for $2.2 million. … now pour out some liquor. (TMZ)

Not only loved by hip-hop artists, Hollywood star Milla Jovovich recently admitted she grew up off Eazy’s music.

“Eazy-E, ‘Nobody Move,’ you know, like, ‘I said lay down and unbutton your bra/That was the biggest t*tties a n*gga ever saw/I said ‘D*mn,’ and the air got thinner/Only thought in my mind, was going up in her/The suspense was making me sick/She pulled her panties down and the b*tch had a d*ck!/I said ‘D*mn,’ dropped the gat from my hands/What I thought was a b*tch was nothing but a man.’ Yeah, that definitely changed my world.” (KCRW Radio)

Last year, fellow actress Gwyneth Paltrow also detailed how much she loved N.W.A. growing up.

“[Straight Outta Compton?] It’s a classic N.W.A. album,” Paltrow told BBC host Graham Norton before being asked to rap. “You want me to [rap?] There’s one word I can’t say. OK — ‘Yo, here’s a little something about a ‘uh’ like me, never should have been let out the penitentiary/Ice Cube, I like to say that I’m a crazy motherf*cker from around the way/Since I was a youth, I smoked weed out/Now I’m the motherf*cker that you read about.’ [laughs]” (“The Graham Norton Show”)