Florida rapper Stitches has revealed his interest in fighting fellow hip-hop artist Game in a celebrity boxing match.

Stit announced his desire to face-off against the rap veteran on social media Monday (December 14).

Accept it

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Check out what Stitches recently said about his attacks on the next page…

This past weekend, Stitches released a couple Instagram posts and promised his career would only grow stronger despite the attacks.

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Here's an invitation to all them pussys

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A few days ago, Game addressed Stitches being attacked by his own crew on social media.

@Wack100 ???? oh shit… Did this nigga just run to his car like a convalescent bingo champion lol… This bitch having a bad week lol….. I wasn't gone post but damn, now ya own friends whoopin yo ass ??? Cot damn blood….. N who was you tryna kick my wigga ??? N this fag pressing the gas but the car ain't movin… He want outta this situation bad… Well guess what #AintNoLeavinBihhhhhhhh lmaoooooo…. Sit yo punk ass right there in that college girl Benz & take them jabs fuck boy… & where's these niggas at so I can give they kids a Christmas shopping spree on me !!!!! Have these 2 villains hit me…. Toys R Us on uncle Game for all the kids !!!!!!!! #SockinTheShitOutThatBoy [Pause the video on the part where he put his hands up like the zombies in the Michael Jackson thriller video] ???????????????? #GetACarWithAutomaticStart #LikeNightRider #SoDatBihhhCanPullUpOnYouWhenYouGottaRoll #BoyGettinThatMortalKombatAssWhoopin #FinishHim

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Last week, Game’s manager Wack 100 talked about assaulting Stit in Miami.

“At the end of the day, I can respect his movement but we ain’t tolerate no disrespect. His balance ain’t there. He’s a kid. He ain’t been living long enough deal with certain people and certain situations – I’m a little older, so I ain’t got no problem coming with the hands.” (“La Jefa Del Bloke”)