Florida rapper Stitches will not let go of his publicized feud with West Coast hip-hop star Game and released a new diss song called “Don’t Fear Death.”

On the track, Stit references his now-infamous altercation with Game from last week.

“I walked up to The Game then I got sucker-punched / You was with 30 n*ggas and you could run either one / I walked up by myself and I ain’t even bring a gun / You a stupid n*gga if you think this beef is done” (“Don’t Fear Death”)

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Stit revealed what serious injury he suffered in one of his eyes on Instagram this week.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 12.13.15 PM

Earlier this week, he tried to expose Game for using someone else’s pictures on his Instagram page.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 8.51.51 AM

Stit released some new video footage of himself assuring concerned fans of his condition Sunday (December 6).

#PressPlay: Can #Stitches just take the L and go ice his face or something ?? #TheGame

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My face is fractured right now I can't see out one eye . That's all you could pay them niggas to do to me hahahahahahabaha. This ain't nothing . You can shoot me next and I'll still laugh. At the end of the day everyone knows you were scared to walk up that day . Everyone knows when you were hitting 40 glock ur boys had guns pointed at him. And everyone knows you been knocked out cold 2 times once in the mall and once in France . Show everyone you a Gangsta and let's step in the ring . A man to man fight . Even if you loose I'll give you the props for being a man . Let me know the city and time and I'll be out there pussy. Stop paying people for protection. Anybody who wants to see this tag him. @losangelesconfidential punk hoe. And to all my real fans who rocking wit me I love all y'all . This shit don't make me or break me. And stop paying people to make fake shit up about me. Your gonna be broke by the time I'm dead ????? #SuckaPunch #TellYourBoysToProtectYourBitchAss #Pussy #hoe #CantRunA1on1YouScaredAss #DontWorryIllCatchYouSlippin #noballs #stripper #lilbitch #imreadywhenyoumanup #tmigang #fuckajob #hidebehindthemagain #walkbackpussy #purepussy. And yeah my squad didn't do shit that day they know not to get involved in a 1 on 1 . I walked up myself like a real nigga does . I didn't even see you take a baby step towards me.

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