Florida rapper Stitches has stepped up to speak out on his relationship with 13-year-old Danielle “Cash Me Outside” Bregoli. The hip-hop artist has put an immediate end to hookup rumors.

A new clip has surfaced of Stit denying widespread romance buzz and putting some respect on Bregoli’s name.

“Hello people. It is sad that nowadays the media will make up anything just to make a story better, make up a lie, lies. But you know what, I’m so used to that, who gives a f*ck? But to go and say that I’d invite a 13-year-old to my house sounds f*cking retarded. I live with my wife and my three kids. Not even my mom comes to my own f*cking house. Nobody. We met through mutual friends – and we made a song and that’s all there is to it. Her management got mad about it and that’s it. So to go and make up lies, take that sh*t somewhere else. And for all the people saying her 15 minutes of fame are gonna end and that she’s a bad person, listen, I met her, she is a good person and she is a superstar and you can’t judge people upon what you see on the media. I met her, she is a good person. Take my word for it.”


This week, buzz developed about Stit going to social media to snag Danielle for a new collaboration.

Danielle and the friend did go over and she recorded a song and music vid with Stitches. Her team says she was uncomfortable while shooting, although it doesn’t seem like it in social media clips. Danielle’s reps feel Stitches exploited her fame without consent from her mom or management. The rep says, “Stitches is a scumbag. He tricked a child into his van by offering her candy.” (TMZ)

Stit almost immediately clapped back and denied any wrongdoing on his end.

Stitches adamantly denies that through his rep, who says there was no money or contract involved, and Danielle wanted to be on the track. We’re told Stitches wants the best for her, and only wanted to be a positive mentor. (TMZ)

Recently, the rapper revealed his love for country music star Taylor Swift.

“Listen up, I want all my fans to go to Taylor Swift’s page and write, ‘Go listen to Stitches new ‘I Don’t Want To Live Forever’ remix. And listen up Taylor, I’m with ya baby. Next time I see Kanye West, I’m gonna knock him the f*ck out for you. Yeah, I promise that and after that, I’m gonna lick your a**. Yeah, you can come. Ex-drug dealer and we can have a drug-dealing baby. You know what I’m saying? Yeah. I love all of Taylor Swift’s fans. I love Taylor Swift too. Ooouuu. Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, thank God they made ya. It’s time to have a baby.”