Florida rapper Stitches reportedly has to find a new celebrity tattoo artist after being turned down by one recently.

According to reports, celeb tattoo expert Muddymoney gave Stit the cold shoulder for an ink job request.

The rapper, who famously got knocked out by Wack 100 during a beef with The Game, called Chapter X’s Muddymoney for fresh ink that would link his “F*** a Job” tat to his Tupac ink, which sits atop his “cocaine” one. Muddy — who’s tatted everyone from Flea to Dodgers star Matt Kemp — tells us he doesn’t want his art associated with “garbage work.” Muddy adds Stitches style conflicts with the shop’s family friendly, drug-free vibe. (TMZ)

Check out a troubling announcement Stitches made a few days ago on the next page…

Muddy also addressed his headline-generating story on Instagram this past weekend.


Earlier this month, Stitches concerned fans on social media with some troubling doctor news.

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Footage of rapper Game offering up some medical kit items to Stitches for this past holiday season surfaced online recently.

#thegame got #stitches a Christmas present.

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Recently, Stit revealed his interest in putting their feud to rest.

“If Game’s a man and he can talk it out with me, we can just talk about it. If we have to throw our hands, we throw our hands. If he wants to squash it, we squash it. It ain’t sh*t, dog. At the end of the day, this sh*T is stupid already. If he want to be a man about it, we can step into that ring like nothing. That’s that. The situation is done. If he wants to talk about it, we can talk about it. The situation is done.” (XXL Mag)