G-Unit boss 50 Cent is reportedly sitting on at least $10 million despite a publicized bankruptcy filing this summer.

New documents claim Fif has around $25 million in assets with $10 million sitting in banks.

His assets according to court records, though, total around a cool $25 million, including $10 million in various bank accounts. The records, published by Buzzfeed, also claim that 50 owes creditors more than $32.5 million dollars. His expenses, which range from lawn maintenance on his 21-bedroom Connecticut mansion to $12,000 a month in child support (he has two sons, Marquise and Sire), allegedly leave him with a comparatively modest gross income of $76,969.58. (Billboard)

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Recent reports claimed Fif appeared in a bankruptcy court Monday (August 3) and said his expenses totaled $108,000 every 30 days.

He has a monthly income of $185,000, mainly from royalties and interest on his investments. His Monday court filing says he also owes money to his stylist, his barber and his fitness coach. (AP)

Reports also claimed Fif spent over $70,000 on maintaining his home.

Other monthly expenses for the Power actor include $72,000 a month for his 50 room mansion, including utilities, mortgage, property tax and insurance. Additionally, Jackson spends $9,000 for security, $5,000 for gardening, $1,000 for grooming and another $3,000 in wardrobe per month. (People)

Last month, a jury hit 50 Cent with a hard $2 million decision in a publicized sex tape case.

The jury announced the judgment in NYC on Friday. 50 already got hit with a $5 million judgment in the case earlier this month … which lead to him filing for personal bankruptcy. UPDATE: 50 Cent’s attorney has released a statement saying the rapper plans to fight the judgement hoping to “reduce the size of the award.” (TMZ)