Stephen Jackson Wants Answers For Everyone Using “Trill” [Video]

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Former NBA star Stephen Jackson has come forward to speak out on the attention he received for placing a “trill” ban on rapper A$AP Rocky.

Jackson went to Instagram Wednesday (July 20) and provided followers with context behind the word’s mainstream explosion.

This week, A$AP Rocky briefly responded to Jackson singling him out following recently published comments he made about police brutality awareness.

“That brother regurgitated what he saw,” A$AP said. “I can’t even blame him. That was sickening from when I saw it and I know me. You know what I’m saying? All that other sh*t he’s talking about is irrelevant. But still in all, where it stands, this is a very, very serious and touchy subject and the matter on it is not funny at all. I don’t just represent my n*ggas from Harlem. I represent people that are just trying to overcome what’s going on right now. … I really do feel like a lot of people say what they don’t really feel because a lot of times – people don’t say what they mean, meant. … I’m going to continue to say what I feel.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Footage surfaced this week of Jackson going off on Rocky and dishing out the “trill” band.

“No more trill talk out your mouth either,” Jackson said in a video clip. “You ain’t from Port Arthur. Me being a Port Arthur a representative, a native, you can’t say ‘trill’ no more ’cause you ain’t trill. Therefore, anybody in your camp using ‘trill,’ stop using it. Rest in peace Pimp [C]. I am Port Arthur – you not trill, you not from Texas. Get your own swag. That’s coming from the president of Port Arthur where the word ‘trill’ was created.”

A few days ago, A$AP went to Twitter to speak out on dicey comments he previously made about the Black Lives Matter movement.

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