With the war of words continuing between one-time pals Cassidy and Meek Mill, State Property’s Young Chris has weighed in on his Philadelphia hometown’s publicized drama.

Rather than pick sides, Chris said he hoped both of his friends would finally cease the beef.

“They’re both friends of mine, of course I don’t agree with it,” Chris said in an interview. “The battling thing is cool for hip-hop but when it gets serious, it’s a bad look, for us. For hip-hop, for Philadelphia, [it’s a bad look]. They’re both friends of mine. I just hope it stops. That’s all I can say. Y’all did what y’all did. Meek dropped one [diss record], Cass dropped one [diss record], people are gonna be people. They’re gonna talk. That’s what we gotta learn, not to let people get [into our heads].” (“Movie Star Management”)

Outside of Philly, Meek and Cass’ diss records recently caught former Bad Boy Records star Shyne’s attention.

“@MeekMill truth ain’t hate! @CASSIDY_LARSINY ate your food! Your boss is Donnie brasco I got zero respect for that young!,” Shyne tweeted January 7th.

“@MeekMill your great wit the raps! You in the streets, ok! But your boss is Donnie Brasco! Ice T from new jack city! How u justify that?” (Shyne’s Twitter)

Earlier this month, Cass boasted about his battle rap readiness.

“I’ve been in over 5,000 battles and I’ve never lost. I don’t plan on losing. If you know that information, you should know not to play around with a dude like me,” he added. “I’m confident in myself and he should be confident in himself. I mean, not against me. Comparing himself with me, he definitely shouldn’t be confident. But he should be confident in himself. So this is just bringing excitement back in the game. I know rappers that’s out with hit songs right now calling me up saying they ain’t been this excited in years. So it’s good for Hip Hop and I just want to keep it like that.” (Hot 107.9)

The rapper dropped his hard-hitting “Raid” diss record at Meek a few weeks ago.

“You was a f*cking bum, you couldn’t even get your braids f*cking done/It looked like you was growing dreads/And we know, I turned to Christ like Tebow/But in jail was the only time I hung around a C.O./I’m the illest M.C. yo/Why you wanna try me? Man I’m the S.H.*.T/You n*ggas shook up like Ali/I spit cook up, you don’t wanna be hooked up to an I.V./You would rather eat a whole bowl full of dog sh*t/And drink a cup full of hog spit before you try me/R.I.P. see the mortician/Boy, I ain’t doin no more twittin’, get your door kicked in” (“Raid”)

Check out Young Chris’ interview: