Coffee giant Starbucks might want to throw down some big bucks on its PR department. New footage has emerged of a separate racial incident going down at a location outside of its now-infamous Philadelphia store.

News personality Shaun King has hit up Facebook to share footage of a disturbing situation where a white man allegedly gets to use its bathroom and not a black customer at a California Starbucks this past weekend.

Starbucks let’s white man use the restroom then denies black man

Here we go again. Meet Brandon Ward. He was Starbucks – about to make a purchase – and needed to use the restroom. They denied him the code. He then finds a white man, Weston, who came out of the restroom. Guess what? Weston, the white man, had not made a purchase but they gave HIM the code. THIS IS RACISM. Starbucks desperately needs to address some systemic problems they have.

Posted by Shaun King on Monday, April 16, 2018

Over the last 24 hours, music mogul Russell Simmons has called out the coffee empire for its now-infamous arrest of two black men at a Philadelphia store.

Yesterday, comedian Kevin Hart went to Twitter to single out the coffee franchise but did not call for a boycott.

Saturday afternoon, the coffee conglomerate issued its apology which ultimately fell on deaf ears.