Radio veteran Star has come forward to defend taking legal action and contacting authorities following a verbal threat from West Coast rapper Game.

In a new “Shot 97” broadcast, Star stood behind his decision.

“The trigger has been pulled. I’m going down the same path as f*ck boy Raashaun Casey a.k.a. DJ Envy, the same path, yes I am. Don’t hate on me when the sh*t hits the papers.” (Shot 97)

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Is #djstar suing iheart, clear channel and revolt for #thegame's threat? (See previous posts)

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Back in 2006, police arrested Star after he made threats toward radio personality DJ Envy‘s family.

When Mr. Torain, 42, showed up at about 1 p.m., he was met by detectives from the Hate Crimes Unit and was charged with endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor, the police and the Manhattan district attorney’s office said. Mr. Torain’s comments from the station, known as Power 105, over several days in early May put the girl in danger, the police said. (NY Times)

In a May 3, 2006 radio broadcast on Power 105.1, Star took direct aim at Envy’s family.

“I’ll come for your kids,” Mr. Torain said that day, adding that he would pay $500 to anyone who told him where the girl attended school. Mr. Torain, who is black, also used racial and sexual epithets about D.J. Envy’s wife, Gia Casey, 27, who is part Asian. (NY Times)

Reports about police going after Game bubbled online earlier this week.

Cops plan to arrest the hip hop star — whose real name is Jayceon Terrell Taylor — over threatening comments he made on the radio about rival D.J. Star, sources told The Post on Monday. Star, whose real name is Troi Torain, reported his rival’s threats to police, and Taylor faces arrest if he returns to New York. (Page Six)