Ohio native Stalley know the future is brighter than ever for his Blue Collar Gang after appointing longtime friend and producer Smitti Boi as the label’s new A&R. The hip-hop artist and his new label executive have exclusively hit up SOHH to dish on the big power move, talk about putting together a joint album and much more.

1. Who – came up with the idea of doing a collaborative album first? With so many different sounds out there, there’s no telling how insane a Stalley and Smitti Boi joint effort will sound like – EP or full-fledged album?

Smitti – It was my idea to do the collaborative album, once we made a few songs we realized that the chemistry was there and the music sounds amazing. As of now, we’re going to start off with an EP.

Stalley – It was Smitti’s idea to do a collab project. He reached out and felt his sound would go well with what I’ve been recently putting out and me as a creative I felt like it would be dope to do something different and I’m a huge fan of doing projects with one producer with a consistent sound throughout the project.

2. What – made you (Smitti) decide to sign on the dotted line to become Stalley’s Blue Collar Gang label’s head of A&R? Do you embrace the pressure and what are you looking – initially – as far as music biz talent?

Smitti – I knew what I could bring to BCG from a Producer/Engineer with my years of experience in the music industry. Honestly, there isn’t any pressure we both know what we’re capable of and what we are going to accomplish with BCG which is to continue to add artists, producers, and songwriters to the roster.

3. Where – do you feel the best place is to look for new talent? With so many avenues from social media outlets, demo tapes, YouTube videos and everything in-between – how do you seed through submissions and talent without overlooking anyone?

Smitti – I honestly believe all the things you just named are some of the best ways to look for talent along with actually going out and searching for an artist at different showcases etc. I literally go through every submission with my team to make sure we don’t overlook any talent.

4. When – did the idea of giving Smitti the chance to officially join Blue Collar Gang come about, Stalley? You both have a relationship dating back a few years but do things change going from friends to business associates?

Stalley – We were in the studio working and building and the idea came from pure vibes, us both being like-minded individuals. We both feel like we have something special with our talents and we both feel the world is yet to hear how great we both are. From music to the vision we have to push forward our culture. Nothing changes from our friendship or being business partners it’s just one goal and that’s to build BCG into a worldwide household name for putting out amazing music.

5. Why – is 2018 going to be a huge year for the music biz and especially with the label?

Smitti – This will be a great year because we’re going to showcase to the world the talent we have on BCG. We have a real artist that makes great music I hear people say that Stalley is underrated, underappreciated probably, but never underrated.

Stalley – 2018 is going to be a huge year in music because BCG is apart of it and what we have going on will be a huge impact in the sound of 2018