Maybach Music Group member Stalley is showing the world his career is deeper than rap after inviting SOHH and select media to the launch of his new GoodWood NYC iPhone case in New York Friday (January 17).

Presented by online website RapRadar and sponsored by Ciroc, the event went down just a block away from Harlem’s iconic Apollo Theater.

MMG’s Stalley knows how to put on a good event for diehard fans and the press, inviting everyone to get out of the cold Friday (January 17) night and hang out at his GoodWood iPhone Case launch party at Atomos on 125th Street in Harlem. Packed from the venue’s entrance to the back where hip-hop personality Bobby Trends heated things up with some intense mixes of rap’s biggest stars, partygoers were treated to Ciroc drinks and exclusive GoodWood wrist bracelets. (SOHH)

Stalley also spoke to SOHH about what motivated him to team up with GoodWood to launch his own line of exclusive signature iPhone cases.

“GoodWood is a company that has the same idea and the same outlook toward putting quality to the product,” Stalley told SOHH. “They put a lot of attention into the detail. I see that from the carvings and the signs. That’s exactly what I do with the music and it’s just a match made in heaven. They’re also someone who has always supported me from day one. I’ve done so much merch with them. I’ve done necklaces, bracelets, picks and now this iPhone case, it just made sense all around.” (SOHH)

Along with working alongside Stalley, GoodWood NYC has built a reputation with a number of well-known companies.

GoodWood is a Brooklyn-based company & brand focused on creativity and design. It offers a variety of products and accessories with an unlimited ability to design and customize. It has collaborated with artists, brands and agencies to create unique products and worked with many stores and brands such as: Heineken, Adidas, The Source, Pro Keds and Gumball 300. (Press Release)

To peep SOHH’s photos from the event, just click here.

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