Renowned director Spike Lee has come forward to speak out on the unexpected passing of his frequent collaborator and famous actress Ruby Dee this week at the age of 91. #Spiked

Lee reacted to the shocking death news on Instagram Thursday (June 12).

“People,I Just Found Out The Loss Of Spiritual Mother,The Late,Great Ruby Dee.I’m Crushed By This Bad News And I Know Ruby Has Already Been Embraced In A Warm Loving Hug From Her Life Partner Of 57 Years-Mr. Ossie Davis.It Has Been One Of My Great Blessings In Life To Work With Two Of The Finest ArtistAnd Activist-Ruby And Ossie Were In The Battlefields a With Paul Robeson,Malcolm X And Dr. Martin Luther King. Ruby And Ossie Served As A Living Example That One Could Be An Artist And A Activist Too,That One Could Be An Artist And Still Deal With What It Means To Be A Black Woman And A Black Man In These United States. God Bless You Ruby Dee. God Bless You Ossie Davis.The Both Of You Told Us “To Always Do The Right Thing. Spike Lee. Please Excuse All Typos.” (Spike Lee’s Instagram)

Lee also posted up a few photos of Dee from his movies and provided heartfelt comments.

“One Of The Best Scenes In All My Body Of Work With 2 Of The Greatest Actors Of All Time Saint Ruby Dee And Samuel L.Jackson. Lucinda Purify Hugs Her Dying Crackhead Son Gator From JUNGLE FEVER. RUBY DEE-God Bless You.,” Spike cationed in a photo June 12.

“Our Saints Ruby Dee And Ossie Davis In Their Magnificent Performances As Lucinda PurifyAnd The Good Reverend Doctor In JUNGLE FEVER (1991).”

“Da Mayor Brings Flowers To Mother Sister Who Is Not Having It. May Our Saints Ruby Dee And Ossie Davis Be Resting In Eternal Peace Together. DO THE RIGHT THING (1989).” (Spike Lee’s Instagram)

Reports of Dee’s unexpected death hit the Internet Thursday (June 12) afternoon.

Stage and screen legend Ruby Dee, who personified grace, grit and progress at a time when African-American women were given little space in movies and on stage, died Wednesday in New Rochelle, N.Y. She was 91. The death was confirmed Thursday by a family member, who declined to answer any questions pending the release of a statement. (NY Daily News)

Ruby starred and acted in a slew of notable films over the decades.

Ruby was a pioneer for African-American women in Hollywood … and is perhaps best known for her starring role in the 1960s film “A Raisin in the Sun” — and her roles in the Spike Lee movies “Do the Right Thing” and “Jungle Fever.” Her most recent big budget Hollywood film was “American Gangster” … she played Denzel Washington‘s mother. (TMZ)