[With the Latin music scene continuing to blow up, Maybach Music Group A&R Spiff TV talks to SOHH about his upcoming The Union album which pits hip-hop and Latin music’s biggest stars together.]

The thing that I’m really focused on and doing right now is putting together a new album where I’m putting the biggest hip-hop artists and Latin artists on one album.

It’s called The Union.

That’s what I’m primarily working on. But when certain people come up to me, I’ll do their music video.

If it’s family and the home team, I’m definitely going to do that.

It really takes time trying to get these artists especially with everyone having different schedules and trying to get them all in one spot.

Getting verses done is a process. I always watched DJ Khaled and how he did all of his albums. You gotta chase down the verses and get people to have time for the studio.

So right now I got it 80 percent done. I’m just waiting for a couple more verses to get done and I should be good. I’ve got Rick Ross and Daddy Yankee on a record together. I put Future and Yandel out.

I’m really getting it in.

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