Tired of boring movie experiences? Wish you could have a Beats By Dre-type adventure when you hit your local theater? Ready for a next-level type of journey at a Cinépolis spot?

Today, check out SoundFi founder Chris Anastas‘ top five reasons you should download his free SoundFi iOS-based app and head out today (October 30) to celebrate the 40th anniversary of horror movie classic Halloween at any nationwide Cinépolis theater!

1. The Plot

The number one reason you should have the app is to have the most immersive experience in a Cinépolis theater today. 3D Binaural Audio is the future. Virtual reality is based off 3D audio and gaming is based off 3D audio. This is the first time we’re taking movies and immersing them into optimization for headphones. There is no cost involved to download the movie now. In the future, there will be a cost to download each title. So the app is free but when you go in to pick a movie, you’ll pay probably a dollar. In the future, somewhere maybe summer 2019, if you want the 3D audio immersive version, you’ll probably pay 99 cents and upgrade to it.

2. The Personalized Experience

The second reason is because of the personalized experience. You’re going to have volume control. That also means picking the language of your choice. That means watching a movie to multiple languages. That also gives you the option to have director’s commentary. It also gives you the option to have an R to PG rating for kids.

3. The Languages

The third reason is because of the languages. The reason this blew up so well in Europe is because of the language features. That’s a big reason. We did The Equalizer 2 in Zurich and you had French, English, German and Italian. All popular languages spoken there. There’s a problem we’re solving because with theater owners and consumers, they’re able to watch the movie in German. What if you’re not German? So you’re seeing multiple versions. There’s multiple subtitles on the screen and that’s problematic. People want to go to the theater and they don’t want to have to find out when the German version is playing and when the French version is playing. They just want to go.

4. Director’s Commentary

The director’s commentary feature is a huge reason. It’s lost because people are no longer buying DVDs like they used to. So if you want to hear a director’s commentary, it’s not happening. This gives an opportunity to have a director’s commentary on the big screen.

5. The Halloween Experience

Today, at all Cinépolis locations nationwide, you just download the free app, go and pick out director’s commentary or regular version, download it to your iOS device and bring your wired headphones. Make sure you have your adapter if you have an iPhone 7 or higher, come here and have the most awesome, immersive experience with this title. It’s for iOS now and we’re testing Androids now. You can bring your iPad. You can buy your Halloween ticket on the Cinépolis app or through their website and that’s it. You don’t have to let them know. Just buy your ticket and once the movie starts up, you start listening. Follow us on Instagram, SoundFi and SoundFi.com and you’ll catch all of our latest titles and they’re going to be great.