Soulja Boy’s Ex-Girlfriend Speaks Out On Split: “I Need A Break”

Reality television actress Nia Riley recently came forward to speak out on her quiet split from boyfriend Soulja Boy earlier this fall.

Riley hinted at social media playing a big part in the split going down.

The mom-turned-model told us, “Right now, no, we are not in a good space. We are not in a good space.” She later added, “I’m sure you’ve seen what was on social media about two days ago. That … there’s a certain way you go about things like that. And he didn’t go about it the right way, like a man should. I need a break now.” (Wet paint)


Check out what Soulja Boy said about his marital status right here…

Last month, SB announced his single marital status across social media.

In a series of tweets, the 24 year old wrote, “All I want is a girl that’s loyal and here with me most of the time. It’s that too much to ask for… If you’re not gonna be around why even be in a relationship… “No matter how much you do for a person it’s never enough.” He then announced, “I’m single” and even went so far as to post his cell phone number to encourage girls to call him. He subsequently deleted the private information and has since changed his number, asking friends to reach out to him online for the new contact details. (Contact Music)


Nia also relied on Twitter to speak out on the situation.