Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy‘s team isn’t here for the kidnapping accusations. The self-proclaimed comeback king of 2018’s gang-gang has shut down the headline-generating claim.

According to SB, the woman he allegedly attacked lied to law enforcement about kidnapping her last weekend.

Our sources say the real story is this … Soulja had been dating Kayla but ended the relationship, and she was irate. They say Kayla came to Soulja’s house on Friday night, heavily under the influence, and crashed her car in his driveway … hitting the curb. A crowd of people were partying inside the house and heard the crash. A woman who is Soulja’s manager then came outside and told Kayla she was not welcome and she should leave. Our sources say, Kayla then attacked the manager and the 2 began fighting. We’re told Soulja never went outside his home and never even saw Kayla. (TMZ)

Yesterday, reports emerged about a woman named Kayla getting into a heated weekend argument with Soulja Boy.

We’re told Kayla — who was apparently dating Soulja — got in her car, put it in reverse and backed down the driveway, where she clipped the curb. We’re told Soujla’s assistant was outside and witnessed it, and became “agitated” and the 2 started fighting. Sources connected to Kayla claim Soulja came out and tried to break the fight up, but Kayla claims he punched and kicked her while she was on the ground, and then took her inside the garage and tied her to a chair with an extension cord. (TMZ)

Despite allegedly getting tied up for six hours and eventually getting released, Soulja’s manager had shut down the criminal accusations.

We reached out to Soulja multiple times but he did not pick up. Soulja’s manager tells TMZ he has not been able to reach the rapper but insists the claims are BS because Soulja “always calls me if there’s any problem, and he did not call.” (TMZ)