Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy has stepped up to provide more context behind penning a suicidal-esque message on his Snapchat account this week.

Despite apologizing earlier this week, SB further explained his message and blamed stress for fueling his lapse in judgement.

“Yeah, I’m good, man, I just think, like, being a person in my shoes and being famous at a very young age, and being in the game as long as I have, you deal with a lot of stuff. People tend to think that celebrities don’t have feelings and we’re not human but I just think I was going through a bad time. I was feeling a little down and stressed and I wrote the message not knowing it would go viral like that. It just shows you how many people really care. My fans, I got thousands of messages, they wrote me. … It wasn’t saying I was going to kill myself, I was basically saying I’ve done a lot at the age of 25. I wasn’t going to harm myself or nothing like that. I gotta be careful with my words.” (TMZ Live)

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Earlier this week, SB attempted to clear up the confusion.

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SB’s Snapchat post hinting at his death coming soon lit up social media this week.

What is going on today?! This is from #SouljaBoy's snapchat

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Soulja Boy hopped onto his Twitter page and claimed it fell victim to a hacker last summer.

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