Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em might need to call up the best attorney money can buy as reports claim he has been sued over an alleged hit-and-run accident dating back to earlier this year.

According to reports, Soulja Boy is named in a new lawsuit despite not being the person who allegedly was the attacker last January.

Soulja Boy just got nailed with a lawsuit over an alleged hit-and-run in an accident involving his very expensive Bentley. We broke the story … one of S.B.’s friends — Abrahim Mustafa — was cruising around in the Bentley in January when the car slammed into a motorcycle. The impact sent Gabor Turi flying off his bike … causing some pretty nasty injuries … and the Bentley sped off into the Hollywood darkness. Cops didn’t make an arrest until May … after a friend of Turi’s nosed around the site of the impact and found a valet at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles who ID’d the Bentley and knew Soulja owned it. Here’s the problem for Soulja. In California, the owner of a vehicle who gives someone permission to drive is responsible when the driver screws up. Thus the lawsuit. (TMZ)

According to reports, Soulja Boy’s longtime pal Arab had been arrested in connection to the crime last spring.

Cops have arrested a man in connection with the mysterious hit-and-run involving Soulja Boy’s Bentley. TMZ has learned … a rapper was busted, but it wasn’t Soulja. Police have arrested Abrahim Mustafa … we’re told he’s one of Soulja Boy’s hangers-on. He’s a rapper who goes by Arab. He’s been arrested for felony hit-and-run. We’re told cops still want to speak to Soulja Boy. (TMZ)

Dicey details of the winter crime surfaced across the Internet in May.

Back on January 9, a motorcyclist struck a red Bentley in Hollywood, leaving the biker seriously injured. The Bentley’s driver fled the scene, however. It is believed that its driver made a reckless turn that caused the crash. In any case, a friend of the biker went back to the scene to look around. That’s when he met a valet at Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles who said that he knew the car well, and that it belonged to Soulja Boy. (The Hollywood Gossip)

After the victim went to police, law enforcement officials were able to identify SB’s whip courtesy of hidden camera shots.

Turns out, the cops have access to a super-database of photographs taken by thousands of hidden cameras stationed on police cars, buildings and private vehicles all over L.A.. There are private companies that make money off the City by getting citizens and businesses to mount cameras for the database. One law enforcement source tells us the cameras are constantly taking photos of cars all over the city — and the average car is shot AT LEAST 1,000 TIMES PER DAY!!! So … the cops got the license plate number of Soulja Boy’s Bentley, ran it through the database and BINGO … a bunch of photos popped up showing the Bentley with damage that corresponded to the accident. (TMZ)

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