Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em recently talked about his upcoming Promise solo album and why he hopes to one-day follow in the same record-shattering footsteps as Lil Wayne and 50 Cent.

Asked what he hopes to still accomplish, Soulja Boy said he wants to sell a million albums in an opening week.

“I’m looking to drop it this winter,” Soulja Boy said when asked about the upcoming album release date. “It’s called Promise, my fourth solo album from Interscope Records. I’ve been in the studio, me and Waka [Flocka Flame] have been in the studio, me and Game, me and Detail, you know what I’m saying? Me and DJ Khaled got a joint. Me and Busta Rhymes got a joint. … This album is going to sound like a whole new Soulja Boy. Crazy beats, crazy lyrics. Growth and maturity in my music. It just is what it is. … Just really, I want to do an album that goes platinum in the first week.” (Skee TV)

Last December, the cover art for his upcoming Promise album surfaced online.

Now one thing that remained constant throughout all of this? His music. Although it was consistently terrible, Soulja has put out mixtape after mixtape and celebrated all the same and is gearing up for his next album, Promise. The cover shows off Soulja as his usual self- Gucci sweatshirt, chains, Fendi belt and Ti$a snapback all framed by a grunge inspired city skyline. It doesn’t take much to make an album cover for this guy these days- he’s always seemingly in need of one, even though most people don’t even see his albums anyway. (Fresh Like Dougie)

In late November, Soulja Boy revealed his decison to drop a fourth solo album this year.

“Right now I’m working on my new album,” he tells The BoomBox. “It’s called ‘Promise’ — my fourth album to release from Interscope Records. It’ll be in stores top of 2012. I want everybody to support.” Having become a millionaire at 18, Soulja Boy has changed a lot since his ‘Crank That,’ days and hopes that his transformation will reflect in his music. “[The album is] just really showing the growth and maturity of Soulja Boy,” he reveals. “It’s going to be dope. It’s going to be lot of great records on it, a lot of dope features, a lot of great production. I want all my fans to check it out.” (The Boom Box)

Last year, the Atlanta rapper confessed he had a hard time dealing with his 2010 Andre Way LP’s record sales.

“Honestly, I shut down for a week [after my album dropped]. I wasn’t talking to nobody, I wasn’t talking to management, and I wasn’t talking to the label,” Soulja explained in an interview. “I wasn’t picking up nobody’s calls. I went like that for a week. I was in a state of confusion. I needed answers. I was doing this concert in Hawaii for my fans and then I was in Hawaii for a week. I wouldn’t have been able to go platinum first week anyway, because the label only shipped like 18,000 copies. So I wasn’t able to do gold first week or even 100k, none of that. They only put like 8,000 units in Best Buy. It was crazy. I didn’t know all of that though. I was just going off of, ‘My album’s going to be in stores, so I’m going to promote it as much as I can.’ I’m not the type of person to just be out like, ‘Hey, my label did this and I was in a situation with that.’ But I don’t want to get caught up in record-label-artist drama or nothing like that. I just want to keep everything cool to make music, that’s all.” (Complex)

50 Cent’s The Massacre (2005) and Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III (2008) both sold over a million copies in their opening weeks.

Check out Soulja Boy Tell Em’s interview below: