I love me pork.

I could be healthy and get some Turkey bacon, but that’s faking it. I hate fake food. If you’re a vegatarian, you should eat plants. Stop fronting eating plants in the shape of a hot dog. That’s the life you choose. Anyway….

I’m still bugging ;Fantasia wrote a book that she can’t read. Truth is, truth hurts. I expect her Behind The Music to be more entertaining than New Edition‘s 1.87 royality check.

Speaking of dumb chicks, Seven played herself on The Ultimate Hustler. Looking at her bony ass, there’s no way in hell she’s making six figures. She’s probably counting from the decimal places. It’s more like 0000.00. She’s so small you could probably watch her strip on a dial-up connection. (Geek joke)

While we’re on The Ultimate Hustler, was the strippers for M.O.P.? or Fox?

I’m not trying to get fucked up over a blog, but I think Fox like girls. "Not that there’s anything wrong with that."

How the hell did Alicia Keys make the BET’s All Shades of Fine: 25 Hottest Women? She’s cute, but she’s not top 25. Maybe top 50. How did they put Hallie Berry over Beyonce? It could have been worse. They could have mentioned Buffie The Body who’s face is not all that. However, those negros at BET forgot all about Kellita Smith (Bernie Mac’s TV Wife). She’s hot for real.