Diehard video game fans may now rejoice with a now-viral short film emerging and heavily inspired by Grand Theft Auto V.

Seemingly out of nowhere, production company Corridor Digital has dropped the must-watch NSFW GTA VR visual.

The brilliant minds over at Corridor Digital recently shared this seven-minute Grand Theft Auto V short, reliably packed with the franchise’s signature vulgarities. The best part? Steven Ogg, a.k.a. the dude who voices the notorious Trevor Philips, is front and center with his reliable brand of insanity the entire f*cking time.​ (Complex)

A few days ago, hip-hop artist Meek Mill flexed his GTA V skills.


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Coastin lol

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Earlier this year, rap star Desiigner credited GTA V for inspiring his infectious “Panda” single.

Desiigner was wrecking things in Grand Theft Auto V when he thought of the motif. “When I was making it I was thinking about The Fast and The Furious and about breaking cars and going crazy,” he says. “It’s a whole bunch of action. When I make songs I think about movies, like my own movies in my head.” Now he’s working frequently at Kanye’s studio. “I see him a lot right now, he’s my man and we doin’ a whole lot of things right now,” he says of West. “Kanye, that’s my man.” (Billboard)