Rapper Somaya Reece recently gave her opinions on the appearances of various rap stars, ranging from established acts such as Eminem, Rick Ross and 50 Cent, to newcomers like Wiz Khalifa and Waka Flocka Flame.

Admitting she is not attracted to Lil Wayne, Reece rated Weezy and Jay-Z similarly.

“I wouldn’t want to be with [Wayne] on any romantic level but a 10 for his work ethic and he’s got a lot of style. He’s not my type at all. I would say 7. Jay-Z is in the 7 category. I don’t know. He’s not my style. [Eminem] 10. He’s so fine and adorable. [Pitbull and T.I.] 10. [T.I.’s] handsome and he seems to be like a gentleman. [Rick Ross?] Uh, zero. Girl, I don’t like his beard. I don’t really care if you’re a big guy but the beard looks like it’s gonna itch my face. That’s all.” (VIBE)

While she gave 50 Cent and Kanye West high scores, Reece awarded Yelawolf the highest rating.

“[Kanye West,] he’s a handsome guy. Hmm… 9. He’s really cute. Crazy, but that doesn’t stop him from being handsome. 50 Cent is not cute to me, but I’m so attracted to his business ethic over anyone. I would say 10 on business ethic alone. Probably an 8. He’s not ugly. He’s not my type though at all. [Waka?] Oh, God. You know what? Let me give Rick Ross a five and Waka a zero for this one. Rick is winning this one right now [laughs]. [Wiz Khalifa?] He’s not my type at all. He’s a 7. I hope these guys don’t get pissed off at me! [Yelawolf?] 20! He really is a 20 with his fine a**!” (VIBE)

Last year, Keri Hilson scored 50 Cent, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, J. Cole and Drake based on their looks.

Trey [Songz], 1 to 10, I’m thinking, I want to be fair,” Hilson told Funkmaster Flex. “I like Trey, he looks good, sex appeal, on point, give him like, a seven. That’s a good number for girls…I might give him a seven, eight. I like Trey, he’s creeping on up — J. Cole, he’s talented –are all these guys on here high yellow because I like chocolate. He’s not my type. He’s tall, give him like a five, six. Usher is definitely up there. I would give Usher like a nine. I’m thinking…Kanye [West], the creativity puts him so far up, is he taller than me? I think a lot of girls would rate him pretty high. I would give him a nine. John Legend, he seems like a man — I would give John Legend a seven. 50 [Cent], not my type. I’m gonna start off with he’s not my type. He’s a five. My type is chocolate, tall, some sort of athleticism. Drake, high yellow one. He’s very sensitive. It’s hard to rate him, I think I might hurt his feelings if I say something about…That’s why ladies ‘eff’ with him so much. He seems very in touch with himself — one to ten, probably a six. Lil Wayne, I love Wayne, he’s very creative. He does have a lot of kids — I don’t know if I could deal with that. It seems like one big happy family, he’s such a rock star…Wayne is up there. He’s like a seven.” (Hot 97)

Last winter, G-Unit’s Lloyd Banks compared Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Halle Berry and Jessica Alba to sports cars.

“[Rihanna,] that’s a tough one. I’ll say a Benz ’cause she got some long a** legs. I’m in that 6.3, too, and my sh*t is like… Yeah, I’ll say she’s a Benz,” Banks said in an interview. “Halle Berry? Out of a Beamer, Benz or Bentley I’d have to say she’s a Bugatti. I don’t have one of those yet… Jessica Alba is beautiful, man. She’s kinda petite, small. I’ll say she’s a Beamer. I’d whip that around nice…You know it’s funny, Alicia Keys is like, we kinda close in age, but from the very beginning her music has always been, it reached an older audience as well. So she gotta be like a Phantom or something. I feel like one day, if not already, she’s gonna be respected like the artists she respected coming up.” (XXL Mag)

Check out some past Somaya Reece footage down below: