Former “Love & Hip Hop” cast member Somaya Reece recently discussed her run on the Vh1 reality television series and shared some dicey words toward current show standout Joe Budden.

Along with claiming Budden has wanted to take part in the series since the first season, Reece said her ex-boyfriend has a tendency to fight women rather than men.

“He’s been, he’s so thirsty to be on that show since season one. He is a thirst, thirst, thirst bucket. Everybody knows that. This isn’t something that I’m saying that’s not, you know, true. But you know, he has been so thirsty to be on that show since season one. I don’t know why he wasn’t even on it. I’m sure they were banking on me for being on season three. … He only fights with girls, he’ll never fight a man. He only fights with girls, I think everybody knows that and I’m sure he’ll have a lot to say from this interview but, personally, I don’t have anything positive or negative to say about him except what I have experienced and personally, I think no man should be fighting women, in general. He’s thirsty and he’s been thirsty since season one.” (Power 95.3)

Coincidentally, Budden claimed he turned down an opportunity to jump on the series during its initial run last fall.

In an interview with Jenny Boom Boom from Hot 93.7/Hartford Budden confirmed he will be appearing on the new season of Love and Hip-Hop New York this winter. Before his announcement, there have been persistent rumors that he would turn up on a show like Love & Hip-Hop New York, and in fact he was asked back during season one. “They called me for season one,” he recalled. “I turned that opportunity down.” But love can change anyone’s tune, and recent rumors that his ex Tahiry will be joining the Love cast for the new season make all the difference for Budden. “If Tahiry is on there, I’d expect to get a call,” he stated. “Tahiry is somebody I love, so I would do that.” (CBS Local)

Last week, Joe spoke on “Love & Hip Hop” season three wrapping up.

“It didn’t definitively tell very much,” Budden said of the show’s season finale when he appeared on “RapFix Live” on Wednesday. “It ended with Tahiry and I trying to co-exist, trying to see if we can do that successfully. It didn’t end in a relationship with Tahiry.” Budden understands why many fans who saw Monday’s show on VH1 came away thinking that he and Tahiry had reunited officially — after all, they did take a trip to the Dominican Republic together and lay in bed with one another. “I would never do that. I would never jump from one relationship directly into another. Though it may have appeared that way, that’s not what happened,” he said. “I’m single and celibate,” he declared to “RapFix” host Sway Calloway. (MTV)

Back in January 2010, the Slaughterhouse member publicly announced his break-up with Somaya.

“Because Somaya, I blocked your b*tch a**,” Budden said in a video recording. “I blocked you on my Twitter and as soon as I leave a f*cking Tweet, your f*cking crazy dumb a** sends me a f*cking text. You better stop f*cking stalking me n*gga. Stop f*cking stalking my Twitter feed b*tch. That b*tch is f*cking stalking my Twitter page. That b*tch made a f*cking fake Twitter account…A**hole year is gone — [she] pretended to be really, really, really cool — and then after so long, she revealed her crazy Spanish colors and begin to act like a lunatic and getting out of a five year relationship, why do I want to be with anyone who is a f*cking lunatic? I just left someone who is a f*cking lunatic…I don’t want any beef with motherf*cking Somaya, I don’t want any beef with Gloria Velez, I don’t want any beef with Tahiry, I don’t want any beef with b*tches. Period. I’m off that. It’s a new year, it’s a new year, grow the f*ck up…” (YouTube)

Check out Somaya Reece’s interview: