R&B singer Solange Knowles has taken her feelings toward black injustice in cities like Baltimore, Maryland and Ferguson, Missouri and turned it into a new song called “Rise” this week.

According to reports, Solange performed the song during a surprise set in Los Angeles, California last night (May 14).

The powerful song includes the lyrics, “He is only a man with flesh and bones / He bleeds just like you do.” “Rise” will most likely appear on Solange’s upcoming album. “We’re gonna attempt to play a song for the first time that may or may not be on the record, but it probably will be,” she told the crowd. “I wrote this one for Ferguson, for Baltimore, and it’s called ‘Rise.'” (Rap-Up)

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Photos of Solange’s brother-in-law Jay Z and sister Beyoncé Knowles-Carter with the family of late Maryland man Freddie Gray surfaced online last week.

Beyoncé & Jay Z with #FreddieGray's family. #Rally4Peace

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Jigga released a statement and paid homage to the Gray family earlier this month.

“Our prayers go out to Freddie Gray’s family and every family affected by brutality and senseless violence.” (Statement)

Despite all of the attention centering on Baltimore these past few weeks, music mogul Diddy emphasized the need for people to know the same injustice exists nationwide this week.

“Baltimore is something that people have to realize is not just something that is just occurring over this one tragedy. … The black community are the forgotten ones – just like people are in poverty all over this country, but especially the black community. So you have a lot of built-up frustration especially in the kids that see their future is bleak and they are being forgotten. People need to pay attention to that. … Something has to change soon.” (Billboard)