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Wednesday, May 20, 2015:

Snoop Dogg – California king.

I bet she ain't pay to see the whole video tho 😑

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Slim Thug – Throwback.

Pretending to be about that #basicbitchfun !!! Stop this lol …Bey hasn't had a cheeseburger since 96

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Peter Rosenberg – Mean but painfully, probably, true.

Moments like this are priceless, Who would've ever thought a little ignorant kid from the dirty a** bronx would have one of his favorite nba players (after the great MJ &AI) in a circle of conversation, about a hat I created. With the number one person I am influenced by and look up to. @carmeloanthony @whoischristianvazquez I wanna thank you for making this all possible for our team and always showing the love and it being genuine makes this feeling so much better!!! I also wanna thank the team cause with out ya we would not be at this point #SLR, @president_dope @datwon @sahle_selassie and all of our customers and supporters, that goes with out saying, y'all know we care we have so many new surprises for ya i can't wait!!! #twntytwo #WEHERE #payattention #twntytwoisthenewera www.TWNTY-TWO.com

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Twnty Two – The Big Three.

Freeway – Living legends.

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