[After the successful launch of his "Brutus” album this year, Javotti Media and Niko Is present the new "Private Room” music video exclusively on SOHH.com! Watch the video and check out what Niko Is had to say about it!]

When I made “Private Room,” I definitely wanted something that sounded like Miami. You know, beach. Remember when you used to have that idea of Miami back when everything was pink? Every time you see Miami in the movies, you see it would be super tropical.

I just had this vibe. I really wanted to reflect that visually. We shot the video maybe a year ago, about a year ago, before [my [my latest album]Brutus” was even out.

We’ve just been sitting on it, just waiting for the right time. It’s summer now. It’s how we feel. A lot of music right now is really aggressive. I wanted to make a little transition.

We shot the visual and it’s real simple. I just wanted to portray that summer feel. It’s definitely tropical. It’s definitely real Miami-esque.

There’s so many layers to Miami, so I wanted to play to the more colorful side, the more tropical side.

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