[Football season is officially here and SOHH made sure to join in on the hype at Smirnoff Ice’s Ladies with Game Tailgate Party in New York hosted by reality television personality Jessie James Decker. Check out our favorite moments from the event and follow us on Instagram (@sohhdotcom)!]

Just in case you did not read the headline, the ladies were definitely in full effect at the start of the line!

Before jumping over to the Smirnoff Ice tailgate drinks, we couldn’t help going after the dessert.

Celebrity guest Jessie James Decker made sure to show off her throwing arm on the low-low. The cameras caught it all on tape!

The food was over-the-top delicious. Little macaroni goodies and tater tots with cheese, salsa and more!

The Smirnoff Ice event had plenty of top-notch caters working. This guy had his game face on all night.

What more could you ask for than being around an invite-only party with people dressed to impress?

The one and only Jessie James Decker. Her wedding ring is no joke.


The toughness was in full effect.

Packed house.

The free beauty salons had women getting hook-ups for free-99!

Women were showing their skills all night long with their throwing arms.