Wassup, y’all! Your lady SOHH Breezy, back again, checking in weekly to give you photographic view on the life of a SOHH editor, whether I’m at an event, or kickin’ it around the office with the rest of the crew. Today, I’m giving you the real deal behind Cassidy’s “C.A.S.H.” listening party last night with pics I snapped with the brand-spanking-new-to-the-market Kodak EasyShare camera!
Cass celebrated the November 16 release of his fourth studio effort, C.A.S.H. (Cass A Straight Hustla) by giving members of the press and bloggeratti an opportunity to get the exclusive first listen. The event was held at NYC’s Fight Klub Studios, a recording space that is completely adorned with artwork featuring the likenesses of today’s hottest emcees.

I had to catch a flick of this dope Eminem replica.

Cassidy Album Release Party 1

While waiting for Cassidy to come out and greet the media, I noticed a few things… First things first: thee “food and drink” that was promised to us during the event consisted of several bottles of Pespi, and two tins of macaroni and cheese (what is it about the hip-hop industry and CHEESE?!), Womp womp.

“Where the f*ck is the food?!” Yeah, homie. I know.

. Cassidy Album Release Party 2

The second thing I noticed that the food may have been practically non-existent, but the scent of hip-hop’s favorite lady was definitely UP IN THE AIR. (You know her name… that Mary Jane shorty).

I think the contact is what made me take a picture of Fight Klub’s psychedelic ceiling. Hey, when the lah-lah hits you…

Cassidy Album Release Party 3

Eventually, Cass came out to greet the crowd and give a track-by-track description of the album. “Cash A Straight Hustla is the best album I ever put together,” he says. “It is executive-produced by me and I wrote 99 % of the verses.  I worked with producer Neo da Matrix, who I’ve worked with since my first album.  Top Notch also produced some tracks.  C.A.S.H. is a classic.”
The Philly battle king also spoke about collaborating with different artists such as Game and Mya for the album. He wooed the crowd as he rapped along to each song as it blasted from the overhead speakers. Wish I was close enough to get a full-body pic, because he’s actually “getting his jig on” (one of the terms he used repeatedly throughout the event) to one of the LP’s party tracks, “Paper Up”.

 Cassidy Album Release Party 6

Cassidy’s crew was in full-effect, as they surrounded the Hustla the entire night.
Cassidy Album Release Party 5

Dude, you’re supposed to be part of Cassidy’s entourage, and while he’s conducting himself professionally, you’re in the corner of the stage, texting your jumpoff? Come on, son!

Cassidy Album Release Party 4

Although Cassidy joked the entire night, he did take a minute to discuss a serious subject: the reason why he will not utilize samples from other rappers anymore. He announced that premium cable channel HBO wanted to feature his “I’ma Hustla” hit as the opening theme for one of their shows. Cass was gung-ho about the opportunity, but there was one road blocK: he had to receive permission from Jay-Z, and said rapper basically told him to kick rocs. Damn, Jay. You couldn’t let a brotha be great?! I say: lesson learned, Cass. On to the next one.

 Cassidy Album Release Party 7

Peep next week’s SOHH How We Livin’, you never know where we’re gonna hit up next!