As far as popular music is concerned, the summer is usually reserved for lighthearted fare. For Zeke Thomas — openly gay music producer, DJ, nightlife darling and son of basketball Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas — any season is game for hard-hitting social commentary. That””s not to say that “Blackness,” Zeke””s latest single and accompanying music video, featuring Chuck D of Public Enemy and the talented Pittsburgh poet and “RAPtivist” Jasiri X, is some kind of public service announcement. Though absolutely a timely commentary on what is shaping up to be the civil-rights movement for the iPhone age, “Blackness” comes off like a cross between an old-school hip-hop jam and an electro banger. It””s nostalgic in tone, but with contemporary sonic sensibilities and a fair bit of knowledge regarding the true state of “blackness” in America today.

Official video for “Blackness” by Zeke Thomas ft. Chuck D and Jasiri X. Directed by Charlie Zwick and photography by Dan Budnik. Creative concept and production by Zeke Thomas.