[After mounted anticipation, hip-hop stuntman Jon James exclusively premieres his must-see "Hello” music video on SOHH and breaks down how it came together.]

To be honest with you, the whole project was crazy to put together. I didn’t really have money. It was a long process and at the time I was living out of a car trying to get in.

I was using my contacts but not really letting people know my financial situation, like, kind of making it seem like I was a little more on my feet than I was. So the concept and people knowing my history, being able to do what I say I can do, I was able to pull people into the vision.

Can't believe the day is finally here!!! So much blood, sweat & tears went into this project it's insane. There were times we slept in cars just to save the tiny bit of money we had to keep the project going haha. Can't thank everyone enough for supporting this project and our dream. I'm so proud of what we've created and can't wait to show the world 2morrow!!! …❤️ to the fans… Thank you… you have no idea how much your comments & encouraging words made a difference on this road when we faced obstacles that seamed impossible. You inspire me everyday to keep going with every thing I have. Thank you for all your love I'm always sending it right back to you a million %! 💯❤️💎 #dream #HelloWutUp #love #music #rap #nitrocircus #actionfiguresmovie @joshfinbow @drewlederer @travispastrana @gvdcowboy @bushywayne @chrisbiollo @christurpin @bizziegold @xoheathersimone @mikeweinerone @fatalclothing @encorebikes @vladofootwear @nrtfashions @dori.ca @made_x_forever @skill_set #stunt #jonjames #jj #party #hiphop #fun #skydiving #friends #vmas #mtv #bmx #xgames #action #RexLeo 🎥 www.rotatefilmgroup.com & @4kfilmpro …brought to you by @maxxtrux 💎

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It was a huge passion project for a lot of people involved. For what that cost us to do compared to what it would cost a major label, it cost us very little but it cost us a lot of sweat, equity and time.

We had a crazy team of passionate people doing everything they could to put that project into fruition. It took several months, we went to different states, it was all over the place.

There were a lot of obstacles that came through, especially with the stunt. I had never sky-dived before, I didn’t know how to base jump but I had a stunting background but not with a parachute.

We just started gaining momentum and the Nitro Boys just came aboard and they were super supportive and cool. The more we kept getting shots in the bag and momentum, the more people started jumping aboard the project and it started snowballing to the point where it was like, “Holy sh*t. We have this crazy support group around us.”

It opened up so many doors and got us to where we are now, launching a whole album off it and the follow-up video is already shot.

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