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SOHH First: A.M. Sniper’s “Bye” Music Video

Written By SOHH Squad

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“The Best Fighter Is Never Angry” the quote by Lao Tzu is what you see at the start of the video and it seems that A.M. Sniper is cooking music like a fighter is the industry hitting us hard with “Bye”! The video is one of the coolest I’ve seen recently; the upbeat tempo of the song matches the Kung Fu theme. Also the scenes from an old Kung Fu film combined with the EDM/hiphop new sounds give out such a dope vibe, you’ll get soaked in once you start watching the video. The song itself is catchy and perfect for an insane party!

Visit A.M. Sniper’s official website: http://snipermusic.com/

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1 Comment

Written by SOHH Squad

One Comment

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