“I know what I want… my music everything else is secondary!”: Bleak (Mo
Betta blues)

This is the opening line and the mantra from the Kingstomb representative “ILa” aka “Big Brown” new visual “Mo Betta”, in which this smooth jazz sampled track produced by “Ryan King” is, brought to life by fellow Kingstomb members “Hobo” & “Gates”. Brown gives us a look at how life is in the “Tomb” as he’s surrounded by family & friends as they celebrate the good life. Drinks, fine women, & good smoke surround Brown as he enjoys the spoils of his hard work. Brown is looking to drop his highly anticipated project “Browns Fargo” on August 14th on TuneCore, and is ready to put the Kingstomb brand on his broad shoulders just as a “Wells Fargo” truck would move millions of dollars! After all life is “Mo Betta” when you’re moving with “Browns Fargo!”

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