West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg has the answer to why Kanye West might be feeling extra loose in 2018. The hip-hop veteran believes the lack of black women in Yeezy’s life shouldn’t go unnoticed.

In Snoop Dizzle’s opinion, Ye doesn’t have an African American woman’s guidance to help him realize what he’s publicly saying.

“She not gonna sympathize with you and say, ‘Oh, [DJ] Envy’s just you know, thinking freely.’ No, she’s going to slap the dog sh*t out of you if you say something like that n*gga. Your kids are looking at you like, ‘What are you doing?’ But what I’m saying is, and I hate to be black and white, there’s no black women in his life. Let’s just keep that 100. That’s real. I got aunties that n*gga they’ll pull up with those big ol’ church hats on, ‘N*gga, what’s happening? What you on, nephew? You bullsh*tting. We taught you way better than that.’ So it got to a point where it was funny and then it got sad.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Snoop also referenced some other notable celebrity men connected to the Kardashians which ultimately had publicized medical woes.

“Maybe the women around him should go look into getting him some help from some women that are stronger than them. If I’m not the strongest man in my house I’m going to go seek some strength. ‘Hey Charlie Wilson, what’s happening man? Bootsy Collins, what’s happening? Get me right, man. Get my spirit together?’ You can’t be afraid to seek help and think nobody can help you. I think they need to break that wall over there because if you look at the people that went in that house, with their minds straights, let’s go to Lamar Odom. Let’s go to Kanye West. Let’s go to Rob Kardashian. Okay, now I’m just saying. But the women on point. Million dollar deals. Walking the runway. All that makeup. Emojis.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

A few weeks ago, Snoop shared a meme comparing the impact of Kanye West and JAY-Z’s wives on their lives.

Thank u @bosslady_ent Love u for being my rock and keeping me straight

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Recently, Dogg flamed Kanye West over his publicized admiration for President Donald Trump.