West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg has no plans of working with one-time rap rival Iggy Azalea and proved it when approached by paparazzi over the weekend.

Footage of Snoop lashing back at Iggy showing a disinterest in working with him has surfaced online.

“[laughs] I don’t f*ck with you!,” Snoop said when asked if he would consider an Iggy Azalea collaboration and after being informed she refused to work with him if given the opportunity. “You little stupid a** b*tch. I ain’t f*ckin’ with you! Thank-you. [Would I do a duet?] For what?” (TMZ)

Check out Snoop’s reaction in this clip right here…

Approached by paparazzi in Los Angeles last week, Iggy shut down the idea of a Snoop joint track.

Iggy was making her way through LAX Thursday night, when our photog wanted to know … now that the feud is quashed, would they ever collaborate. “Would you if you were in my shoes?,” Iggy replied to a paparazzo when asked if she would do a song with Snoop in light of their now-defunct feud. “[laughs] Thank-you.” (TMZ)

A few days ago, Hustle Gang leader T.I. said he decided to get himself involved in Snoop’s war of words once the issue turned serious.

“I stepped in when it became a public topic of discussion,” T.I. explained. “When it stopped being between two people and it was being observed by the world, and it was almost like people were tuning in just to see what was happening next. Me and Snoop have a long-standing personal and professional relationship. I have a huge amount of admiration, love and respect for him and for what he’s done for the game — for people like me to be able to do what we do — and when I called him it was a very, very, very cordial, respectful [conversation].” (MTV)

Iggy Azalea jumped onto Twitter earlier this month to accept Snoop’s apology for the publicized feud he sparked.