West Coast rap legend Snoop Dogg recently discussed his personal thoughts on Lady Gaga and why he is scared of what hidden tricks she may have hidden from the public.

Although he admires Gaga’s music, Snoop humorously expressed his views on her body.

Snoop Dogg has said that, if the opportunity ever arose, he would be too scared to have sex with Lady Gaga. The ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ rapper said that he thinks Gaga is “Weird as f*ck” and wondered what she had underneath her clothes. Speaking to Blackbook, Snoop said: “She’s weird as f**k. Who knows, she might have a snake or a knife in her p***y if you try to get some from her.” Snoop is however, a fan of Gaga’s music. He said that: “I don’t judge Lady GaGa. She makes good s**t, not like a lot of other garbage being repeated.” (Pop Dash)

In January, Snoop mentioned his interest in working with Gaga.

“Attention, this is [a public broadcast] for Lady Gaga,” Snoop said in the video. “Big Snoop Dogg is looking for you. I’m trying to do a song with you. It’s a real, nice, freaky, deaky, kind of song. Get at me, it’s big Snoop Dogg. I’m trying to find Lady Gaga.” (YouTube)

Prior to beginning his 11-month jail sentence a few months ago, incarcerated rapper T.I. said he begged Gaga for a collaboration.

“[Gaga] brought it to my knowledge that she would like to top what we already have,” Tip said in an interview. “That being said, I don’t know if that’s going to be a keeper or if that’s going to be one-upped or what not…I begged on hands and knees, please [for her time].” (Rap-Up)

West Coast rapper Game also voiced interest in securing Lady Gaga for his upcoming R.E.D. Album last year.

“I’m trying to get [Interscope co-founder and chairman] Jimmy Iovine to throw me in the studio with Lady Gaga,” he explained in an interview. “She’s a rebel, and I go against the grain every day, so, if it happens, it’ll be monumental for the state of music.” (ABC News)

Check out some recent Snoop Dogg footage below: