West Coast rap veteran Snoop Dogg is on serious workout grind. This week, footage emerged of the hip-hop legend working on some intense boxing drills.

Snoop x Boxing

In the new must-see video, Snoop is shown grinding it out in the gym with a trainer. He’s rocking an orange shirt, shorts and his signature dreads with a pair of fighting gloves.

High-Key Details

OVO Sound boss Drake and YK Osiris might one-day lace up some boxing gloves and see each other in-person. The hip-hop stars’ playful jokes about putting together a much-needed match recently sparked Trippie Redd‘s attention. The 6 God and YK shared some direct messages to the world recently hinting at a bout going down. The screenshot immediately caught Trippie’s attention and showed his interest in getting involved.

Tag trippie back in … he gotta having a lil sparring match wit Aubrey for leaving him off Gods Plan . -Akademiks’ Instagram

Wait, There’s More

Over the past few years, Snoop’s longtime friend Wiz Khalifa has stayed in shape with boxing routines. The Pittsburgh native has often shared his workout sessions to the world.

Before You Go

Last week, Snoop Dizzle hit up his Instagram page with a must-see Dre shot. Dogg’s reunion pic featured him hanging out alongside his former Death Row Records labelmate even sparked a heavy co-sign from Bow Wow in the comments section.

“Bac2gether again 🎧🀜🏾πŸ”₯πŸ’―πŸŽ™” -Snoop Dogg’s Instagram

“Ooo please give us 1 more album! Let the good doc do every track! All we need is 10 songs unc!” -Bow Wow