West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg is pulling the plug on Lil Tay. The hip-hop veteran has shared his reaction to a clip of the nine-year-old getting coached on how to be more “ignorant” for her followers.

Snoop Dizzle went to Instagram Monday (May 21) with the must-watch clip and suggested Tay should put her time into education rather than clout-chasing.

Tay’s publicized viral videos reportedly resulted in her mom losing a real estate job.

A Vancouver property agent who has appeared in videos with controversial Asian child rapper Lil Tay and is widely reported to be her mother has been fired by her agency, according to local media. Jim Lew, director of business development for the Pacific Place Group – which includes Pacific Evergreen Realty – told Vancouver’s Daily Hive website on Wednesday that Angela Tian had been dismissed after the agency found out about her alleged role in Lil Tay’s foul-mouthed career. (South China Morning Post)