With shaky first-week ratings following his “Dogg After Dark” debut, Snoop Dogg has revealed plans to map another televised program, possibly set to premiere before next year.

While not offering any details on the series title, Snoop has hinted at various aspects he would like it to feature.

The “Dogg After Dark” premiere drew just 587,000 total viewers, or 40 percent less than MTV had averaged in the time slot for the previous four weeks. However, Snoop is already considering his next move. “I have a dream to do a scripted series that just may come to life in the next 18 months,” Snoop said in an interview. “Maybe a little drama and comedy…So what you call that? Dramedy? I’m definitely gonna be the star of it. I mean, anything I do, I got to be the star. You dig? Anything that got my name on it gotta have my paw prints on it.” (Los Angeles Times)

Along with a possible new series, Snoop is also reportedly working on his next solo album.

With the recent announcement of Snoop no longer being with Geffen/Intersope Records, his upcoming album, Malice in Wonderland is scheduled for release on MTV records later this year. Malice in Wonderland will include guest appearances from Pharrell, Dr. Dre and Lalo Shifrin. (The Examiner)

For the time being, Snoop’s “Dogg After Dark” series continued last night with more star-studded guest appearances.

The February 24th episode features Johnny Knoxville, “Girl Next Door” Kendra Wilkinson and Ciara, plus a musical performance by Bobby Valentino. After that, Snoop hopes to somehow fit an entire football team on his couch. “My dream guest, bein a die hard Steeler fan, would be to host tha whole team and have a party at Dogg After Dark for tha Super Bowl Champs,” Snoop told Rock Daily, “I was fortunate enough to be invited to their Super Bowl party in Tampa and I wanna exchange the favor with havin them to a “Dogg After Dark” party.” (Rolling Stone)

“Dogg After Dark” is scheduled to air throughout the next few months.

Premiering on Tuesday, February 17th at 9pm ET/PT on MTV, Snoop Dogg will host “Dogg After Dark,” airing every Tuesday night for seven weeks and featuring Snoop’s own in-house band, the Snoopadelics. Each episode is scheduled to air for a total running time of 30 minutes. (TV Listings)